new color. black. to white. though my mind is not monochromatic. still, the monochrome helps me focus. on the color inside my head. vivid. vivid. vivid. and loud. so loud, i sometimes wish to silence it.

but color cannot be silenced. nor can the imagination be put to sleep. both can only be manipulated. and so. to lessen the clamor. black was chosen. black. because it is the color of manipulation. black. because it is no color. and all color.

but then. the nights grow longer. and the days become more shy. and i long for a certain brightness that can't be found in black. and so. for now. i am shedding the black. and dressing in white. i am changing. from manipulation. to energization.

light shines brighter in the darkness. yes. this i know. but that is the eye playing tricks on the mind.


let the light shine in white.
let it shine pure.
let it shine naked.
let it shine bright.