a word that can liberate. or imprison.
what do you know of it… you?
yes. you.

you. with the drawn back shoulder blades.
you. with the liquid ice for eyes.

you. with the hair.
 dusted with pride. 

you. with the lips. voiceless and wild.

you. and you. and you, once more.


what do you know of it?
tell me.
what do you know of it?

i need to know.



fall into my arms.
fall, and let this earth shatter into
a hundred thousand fragments of scintillation.

how do we live 
amidst so many questions 
left unanswered?

insolent questions, yes!
but then, how many questions fail to propel us
from the dreamscapes we love to inhabit into full wakefulness?

fantasies depart…
and return.

new stories beckon from the fringes
of platinum-lined clouds.

new fantasies.
new awarenesses.

we always know exactly what it is that we need.
of rest. of food. of emotion. of distance. of…

we know. because. we must. otherwise…