i came away from you
last night
with one million candles
dancing inside my eyes
and a fairytale
playing upon my lips

but not just any fairytale

you know
that fairytale
that took me first
that fairytale
where an ordinary girl
becomes a princess
by the single touch
of a magic wand

and this once
not just any wand
but yours
by the spark of lust
and left glistening
in love’s aftermath

how many magic spells
shimmer like stardust
when we are together!



these fragile lips
quiver beneath yours
then rest in permanence
within shadows of trust

we whisper of love
we promise forever


if i were a rose
would you kiss my thorns?



i remembered
my first kiss
i was seven
he was nine
though i can't
for the life of me
recall his name
but the kiss?
like cotton candy
against my lips



in times of storm
we shut our eyes,

stretch out
beside insanity,

and wonder
which misfortune
has trapped us
in its shadow.




that i would
do anything
for you

but know this, too…

that i cannot
pull the stars
from the sky

not even for you, love



i counted the ways
he made me smile

one, two, three…
just like so

but i was counting

never giving
a moment’s pause

to think
but then, what if…

never giving
an eye’s flicker

to think
the counting
of infinite numbers
must, too, come to an end

i took the wind
by its tail
and twisted it
into gordian knots

wondering why
oh why, is life
so very complicated?
but, then, why not?

we are given
a moment’s reprieve
that stretches for hours
every slumbering night

and awaken
confused and asking
where it is
that we are

are we delighting
in the rest of angels?

are we simmering
in the vapor of loss?

and going back
and counting
and recounting

i ask myself
how many ways
did he make me smile?

i lose my mind
in the illusion
of numbers
supposedly infinite

but hiddenly finite

if only i dare
if only i dare
if only i dare

to keep counting
without stopping


to catch my breath
and maybe

to let my eyes see
how terribly finite

is the counting
is the wondering

is the breathing



certain evenings…

when the stars are diamonds
piercing the heavens
you ask me
do you want to go outside?
and because i always do
want to go outside
with you

we go
and we watch
the moon gather the clouds
in the sky
and stretch them out
into wisps of airy cotton

and we watch
night deliver herself
as a lady
to a secret lover
softly… slowly…
a little at a time

and we smile to ourselves
because it is sweet to smile

and we laugh together
because it is good to laugh

but though our laughter
smites the velvet night
and april, like balm,
lays upon our thirsty skin

yours are the tranquil arms of intimacy
mine are the restless eyes of solitude



early morning
sitting outside
my face in my journal
my thoughts elsewhere
i drifted into mindscape
into fugue of imagination
and i closed my eyes
that i might better see
what my mind
wished to be
a truth
that was but fantasy
and in closing my eyes
i succumbed to
the power of dreams
where the mind sees
what it wants to see
and the heart feels
what it wishes to be true
but the soul knows
this is but a dream
and despite my resistant soul
i slipped into unconsciousness
and fell into uncertain arms

and in came
this haunting, flying delirium:

i am in the turret of an ancient castle 
at the top of a high and bumpy hill 
and the waves are crashing below me 
and the sky is spread out above me
and my arms are stretched out before me
wanting to graspwanting to embrace
wisps of taunting… teasing… elusive air