early morning
sitting outside
my face in my journal
my thoughts elsewhere
i drifted into mindscape
into fugue of imagination
and i closed my eyes
that i might better see
what my mind
wished to be
a truth
that was but fantasy
and in closing my eyes
i succumbed to
the power of dreams
where the mind sees
what it wants to see
and the heart feels
what it wishes to be true
but the soul knows
this is but a dream
and despite my resistant soul
i slipped into unconsciousness
and fell into uncertain arms

and in came
this haunting, flying delirium:

i am in the turret of an ancient castle 
at the top of a high and bumpy hill 
and the waves are crashing below me 
and the sky is spread out above me
and my arms are stretched out before me
wanting to graspwanting to embrace
wisps of taunting… teasing… elusive air