in vanishing wisps of winter
in desolate shades of grey
in silent nights at your side
i drift… into private darknesses
that hold me… and speak to me
of things from distant pasts
where once upon a time
you were a stranger to me
and i looked into tomorrow
as i sat alone inside one silent night
inside one desolate shade of grey
in the womb of a dark winter storm
that rattled the darkness inside
and jerked it into light

did you look too?
did you see what i saw?

you were always what was lost
in a swirling mist of grey

close your eyes, i said
and tell me if you see me
do you see me here?

did you see me there?
did you feel me there?
i was trapped inside your heart
hoping you could give me
a body… a soul… to grasp
and you came and stood before me
drenched in midnight blue
disturbing the order of stars and sky
you came and stood
at the base of spiral stairs
that i descended
and you ascended

and we transcended
the darkness of absence

was that us?

was that you
reaching for me
as i reached for you?

are we here, now?

can you hear
my whispers
inside your heart?