i love april, not only because it follows in the footsteps of march, and not only because it is spring, but because it is national poetry month.

every morning, right after i wake up, i make tea and write in my journal for an hour. then, i check my email. in my inbox, every morning of the month of april, i find several messages containing poems that have been delivered to me overnight, waiting for me to open them… and read them. “a poem a day.”

oh, what a treat! what a joy to click on a message, like i’m tugging the ribbons on a gift, and plunge into the psyche of another! what bounty for humanity!

i am reminded of something mark strand, a wonderful poet, once wrote: “ink runs from the corners of my mouth. there is no happiness like mine. i have been eating poetry.” indeed! this is my experience every morning. a mild intoxication… a quiet satiation… as i feast on poetry… and irish breakfast tea.

what wonderful company, and what profound communion!

good morning, april!