she said,
last night i dreamed i bought a new house,
but when i went to unlock the door,
the key disappeared from my hand.

i said,
what was it like when
you looked at your hand
and realized the key was gone?

she said,
i felt so dejected. i really wanted
to be inside that house, my house.
so i looked through the peephole.

she paused.

do you know what you see when
you look through a peephole
in reverse? nothing. but this time,
i saw something. it was like looking
into a deep, dark hole. and at the end of
that hole was a broken window.

she laughed.

i said,
what’s funny?

she said,
you know what i wanted to do
with that broken window?
i wanted to fix it.

i said,
what about the key?

she said,
i was so distracted by
wanting to fix that broken window,
i never realized it was my key.