our desire for one another…
how flagrantly it embroiders the night!

it circles inside the knots of uncharted flesh,
leaving no space for denial or refutation.

the haunt of it is pivotal, and,
in a manner of speaking,
that is enough…

to be devoured by this,
of all desires.

to be kept and hidden
like the deepest of secrets—
in plain sight.

inside this romanticism lies
the ultimate act of surrender.

inside this eroticism rests
the ultimate poetry.

inside this voyeurism…
inside this masochism…

inside the textured brocade of
this unequivocal burn…

inside that part of my body where
the hunger sparks as dew…

inside the weave of this intensity—
persistent, driven…

inside the power of this
fall from the cliff…

we are limbs.
we are naked.
we are being.
we are blaze.

we are thrust.
we are lust.

we are now.