what if...? what if the wind were to blow me away?

outside, the sky is blue and shattered with clouds. a mild gust is blowing itself into every crevice of nature. i go outside. i sit with the wind and allow it to invade my space. i am, after all, invading the spaces it has elected to inhabit. 

something strokes my awareness. 

i have abandoned the perfectionist. somewhere, i have left her behind. i have disowned that person who expected everything to be just perfect... just right. maybe it was a flaw to be a perfectionist. maybe, on the other hand, it is a flaw to disown a part of oneself. wherever the flaw, i do not discard it. i embrace it. 

i envelope the flaw.
i envelope the crease.
i envelope the blur.

in so doing, i reintegrate what i disowned.

today, i hear everything. i see in bold color. i smell the blend of freshly scratched ink on paper. i feel the exhausted stiffness in my fingers as i pore over this page. i taste, in the pit of my throat, the hunger for more experience and more word and more expression. and, i know that i am just where i need… just where i want… to be. 

it feels good to know this.