tell me about the cinderella complex
you said
and you flipped over on your side
one arm between us
the other around the backside of my heart
your face up close to mine
so we were
nose against nose
lips against lips
teeth against teeth

and i had no breath
as i said to myself
it is me with you
it is my secret desire

something i can never tell
but a truth i know so well

it is the destruction of my fabricated self
the degradation of my false modesty

but i did not tell you this
nor did you wait for my response

instead, you said
you have such delicate ankles
such fragile bones
and how clenched you were!
how in battle with yourself!

and solid gold probed divided rose flesh

oh, to be impaled
so exquisitely!

so… inside!

and outside…
only the sound of crickets