it’s been too long a time
since we walked these woods together
you said
and i thought
more than long and longer than time
and the trees reached out for us
remembering our presence
from that other time
back before time
pleading with us
do it once again
sleep in our shade
and wink at the sky
through the brown-green
dapple of our leaves
so we slept
my head on your stomach
your fingers in my hair
the smell of life and earth and heaven
kissing our skin so tenderly
and you said
look at the color of the sky
is it real, or is it touched by magic?
and i said
it’s real
and you said
when was the last time we did this?
and i said
last spring
why don’t we do this more often?
you said
and i thought
because if we did
the magic would flee