this... yes, this... is the quietest hour. 

my breath rasps against the solitude.
my lungs expand and collapse.

the ground caves with resignation.
the emptiness creaks with resolution.

where am i when i am not inside this moment?
where are we when we are not inside ourselves?

i glide my lips across the thinness of the air.
a song erupts inside my throat.

i am my own moment in time.
who will tell me otherwise?

will you?
will you...

will you sing with me?
will you join me in this chant?

sit with me, for a spell.
but, please... don't fill my ears with platitudes.

i am my own moment in time.
will you tell me otherwise?

i rest my temple upon the neck of this noiselessness.
my eyes close in acquiescence.

i am my own moment in time.