she said,
there’s no more conflict in my life.
i’m not sure what to do with myself.

i said,
what does conflict do for you?

she said,
it keeps me occupied.
it keeps me ‘with cause.’

i said,
what is it like for you
to be without conflict?

she said,
i don’t… well, strangely… i feel conflicted…
like if i’m not in conflict, something will
come out of nowhere and want
to fight me all over again.

i said,
it sounds like, in your fearful avoidance of
conflict, you’re creating it for yourself.

she said,
yes! yes… that’s it!

i said,
embrace your no-conflict reality.
sit inside of it.
sit with it.

she said,
but what about those things
that will want to fight me?
i know they’ll come.

i said,
sit with them, too.
one day, what fights you
will be what sets you free.