it rained again, last night. it poured as if the sky were angry at the earth for not wanting more. and what could i do but sit there in the dark and listen to it all with wonder? more decadent than the falling of the rain was its sound. some kind of secret language of lovebites and kisses, 
the pitter patter
the gentle caress of
warm lips on yearning skin
the complex lust of need need need
more eloquent
more furious
than the simple lust of desire

earth and sky
earth and sky
earth on top
sky below
the violent drumming
of primitive storm
the gift of sky’s furious hammer
and the earth unfolding
sky on top
earth below
absorbing, ever so gently
the sky’s ejaculation

how they have burned for one another!

and how i have burned
and waited
. . .
to watch, like a voyeur
their sweet release
in the ubiquity of night!